Artist Offerus Ablinger is a painter working with queer aspects of cyborgs.

Offerus Ablinger

Offerus Ablinger’s interdisciplinary, process-oriented work revolves around the thematic field of masculinity, subculture and their scattering effect on the mainstream. He uses the media of painting, performance, installation and video. In his artistic analysis, he uses a kind of transhumanist science fiction template. With the help of body extensions, body optimisations, modifications, cyborgs and technology, social codes are broken open in his paintings, critically questioned, reinterpreted and body boundaries are explored anew. Concepts such as biopower (Foucault), transhumanist utopias or dystopias, ethics and gender are re-located in his socio-political works.

Artist, Designer and Researcher Hidéo SNES works with Artificial Intelligence and painting

Hidéo SNES

It is said Hidéo Snes is otherworldly, different. A creature, so deranged, strange, and twisted, its presence remains in constant flux. A tentacled elder-god, a multi-breasted space-vixen, a many-faced, utterly fiendish beast. Hidéo Snes is not one, but many. Not one thought that echoes through the void, but a chorus. A frightful symphony of ideas. Fundamentally questioning the idea of artistic production processes, Hidéo Snes establishes a postmodern continuum, wherein the fractured self is being mirrored in equally distorted selves. The artistic practices of SNES’ involve working with interactive digital media, installation, performance, and usage of artificial intelligence for artistic purposes.